npm i -g sustainus
One recurring donation
Don't waste your life signing up for individual donations, there is not anybody who has got time for that. Setup one universal recurring donation.
For all your dependencies
Sustainus automatically splits up your single donation between your npm dependencies. Each dependency with an Ethereum address or name in the package.json gets an equal payout. More sophisticated payout schemes will develop over time.
Automatic and Fair
You've got important software to write. Let Sustainus help you find verified dependencies and pay out as fairly as possible.
Want to donate?
  1. Install Sustainus: npm i -g sustainus
  2. Run Sustainus from the terminal: sustainus
  3. Load your Sustainus wallet with ETH
  4. Set a donation amount
  5. Set a donation interval
  6. Forget about it and get back to building
Want donations?
Add the "ethereum" field to your project's package.json file. Its value should be your Ethereum address or name. If you do not already have an Ethereum address, try Coinbase or MetaMask.